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DesignTrain is over, but we have a different free course to
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October 1
Why Design Matters
The Purpose of Design
Understanding Typography
Technology & Culture
November 5
Composition & Design Principles
Visual Hierarchy
Color Science
Color Theory
December 3
Choosing & Pairing Fonts
Typographic Etiquette
Closing Remarks

Really learn the “whys” behind design

DesignTrain isn’t going to give you a list of “top 10 tricks,” claim to improve your conversions 300% just by changing the color of a button, or teach you about the latest design trends. DesignTrain – like Design for Hackers will teach you the theories behind design, so you can really understand how design works. You’ll see design through new eyes, so you can learn more about design even after the course is over.

DesignTrain is a design course, via email

DesignTrain is 12-week series of emails, each based upon a chapter of the book Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty The “reverse-engineering” approach of the learning material is designed to help developers, hackers, and makers of any kind really understand the “whys” of design.

While the lessons are based upon the book, a book is not required to learn from this course. Some lessons are accompanied by quizzes within the emails.

DesignTrain is taught by David Kadavy

David Kadavy

David Kadavy is the author of Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty, which debuted in the top 20 best-selling books on all of Amazon. David is dedicated to making design literacy accessible to developers and entrepreneurs. You can follow David on Twitter at @kadavy.

DesignTrain enrollment deadline is September 30, 2013

Because the first email goes out on October 1st, enrollment closes at 11:59pm GMT (4:59pm PDT) on September 30. Don’t miss your chance to enroll!

DesignTrain is free (for now)

There’s no cost to DesignTrain, and though it’s based upon Design for Hackers, a book isn’t required to get tremendous value from DesignTrain. The DesignTrain email course may never be offered again (or may cost money in the future), so be sure to enroll before the deadline.

DesignTrain is part of the Design for Hackers email list

The DesignTrain course is a special series of the email list for the book Design for Hackers. So, if you’ve already been getting Design for Hackers emails from author David Kadavy, you’re already enrolled.

DesignTrain is pretty much “Summer of Design”

If you missed out on Summer of Design, now is your chance to get pretty much the same content. If you were in Summer of Design you’ll continue getting new design content.

DesignTrain is over, but we have a different free course to
learn web design »